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Pinewood Derby Car Cutting Clinic Info


Pack 1863 Car Cutting Clinics will be held next weekend. Expect to need at least an hour to complete the work at the clinic. At the clinics, each participant will have their car cut and learn to sand and shape their race car. You will go home with the kit and continue to sand and then paint your car. Cars can be designed for creativity or speed. Have fun with your designs!

Car Cutting Clinic Sign Up Sheet

pinewood_derby_logoUse this link to sign up for a 1 hour time slot. This will help me organize the flow of racers at my home shop. If you would like to complete your kit at home, just stop by to purchase your kits and ask any questions before your go.

This year we have reduced the number of fundraisers for Pack 1863. As a result, we will need to have every participant purchase their own kits. The cost of the kit this year is $4.50 at the Scout Store. I will purchase the kits ahead of the clinic and have them available for each participant to purchase at cost from

Please sign up for your clinic time below. Email me if this weekend does not work for you. I will hold additional clinics, if needed, to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate.

Car Cutting Clinic Sign Up Sheet

Wheels and Weights Clinic Saturday


pit-stop-sign-clipart-2in8kb-clipartThis Saturday, from 2 pm-5 pm, there will be a Wheels and Weights clinic to help anyone who needs a little help putting on their wheels, adding weights, and checking the weight on the scale.  Make sure your cars are fully painted and don’t forget to bring the weights with you!

Sign up Here







January Events

Happy New Year Scouts!

Our upcoming Events Calendar:

Jan 9         7 pm               Pack Meeting

Jan 13       2-5 pm            Wheels and Weights Clinic (bring your own weights)

Jan 19       6:30-8 pm       Pinewood Derby Registration Night

Jan 20       10 am              RACE DAY!!

Jan 23        6:30 pm         Den Meetings



Car Cutting Clinic Saturday

Come this Saturday, December 2 (1:30-5:30) for a Pinewood Derby Car Cutting Clinic. Please sign up and come to this clinic if you need help getting started with your race cars!



Click HERE to Sign-Up!! 


Weekend Updates

We Need LOTS of Scouts! Siblings too! We will be sorting out the food after collection.

Saturday morning (NOV 11) we will meet at 8:45 a.m. at GBE to begin collected donated goods from our neighbors in Greenbriar. null

WE NEED BOXES! Specific size: paper ream/ banker boxes

I have updated the website with an overall route map that includes all the dens. Now you can simply open your phone to check your routes!!



  • Safety First!
    • Parents should be taking the donations from the scouts and putting them into the cars.
    • Kids should not be leaving the sidewalks to go into the streets or crossover without supervision.
    • Stay with kids when they need to wait for a neighbor to go inside and gather collections.
    • Do NOT let them go inside of people’s homes. If they have an emergency, please have an adult from our group supervise them.
  • We need 1 Driver for each Den/ Group to drive the routes and act as a mobile collection point. Please see me at arrival if you would like to volunteer.
  • Please knock on doors! We have seen a dramatic increase in donations when we started knocking. Many people just simply forget.



We will have Hot Chocolate, Coffee and snacks for everyone when they return from their routes!




SIGN UP HERE for Pinewood Derby Car Cutting Clinics

THIS Weekend!!!   

Wheels and Weights Clinics this Saturday


I will be holding a Wheels and Weights Clinic this Saturday from 3-6 p.m. You may stay as long as you like for help, but it should take about 30 minutes each. Please remember to bring some weight with you, i have run out of my stash over the years. I will have a scale to check your weight before you go, but the official weigh-in will occur at GBE next weekend.

Here as a link for a sign-up to help everyone space out the time slots. Thanks!

What you will need:

  • a completed (painted) car
  • 4 nails (we polished them)
  • 4 BSA approved wheels
  • bring your own weights (store bought, coins, washers, fishing weights, whatever)

Need help today with a Pinewood Derby car?


If you missed the Car Cutting Clinics in November or just have some questions, I will be available today after 2:30. Email for details.

Pinewood Derby Car Cutting Clinics

pwd-logoForgot to sign up for a time? Don’t worry, there are spaces available this Sunday and next weekend.  To sign up, follow this link. The location address is on the sign up sheet.

Pinewood Derby Wheels and Weights Clinic Sunday

Hi everyone,Scouts at Work

I will have a Pinewood Derby Clinic this Sunday 1-6. The main focus will be to help get painted cars ready by adding the wheels and weights. You will need to bring your own weights to the clinic. Purchased weights, washers, fishing weights, etc. will all work fine. I will have an unofficial scale to check the weight.

If your son/ kids have NOT started a car, I have kits and can help you with that as well. The race will becoming up quickly, so please take advantage this weekend if you need it!

Please respond to this thread with a quick email if you are coming by. If Sunday will absolutely not work for you, let me know and we will work something out. I want to make sure every kid gets a chance to participate.

Sorry for the late notice, work got pretty crazy this week. I will have a clinic this Sunday, Jan. 10 from 1-6 at my house. 13002 Mill Ct

Pinewood Derby- Doing it on your own? Here is what you need to know.

Alright you renegade, if you are doing the Pack 1863 Pinewood Derby and your son wants to build his car at home, here are some IMPORTANT things to remember.  Follow the rules carefully to make sure your car qualifies at Registration Night. If you have any questions…ask the Cubmaster.