What to Pack

Suggested Supply List

  • Flashlight
  • Camp chair(s)for the family
  • Tent with separate ground cover (even if the tent supposedly has one built in)
  • sleeping pad – adds important warmth as well as softening the ground. NOTE: Inflatable air mattresses not recommended in cold weather!
  • Sleeping bag or blankets – NOTE: most standard bags really only keep a person warm to 40 degrees. If it will get cooler (and we should plan for it to do so) then it is recommended that folks add a fleece blanket as well.
  • Small towel (kitchen or hand towel works well) and washcloth in plastic bag (so you can store it when wet)
  • Tooth brush and paste
  • Hand soap (campgrounds sometimes have some but not always)
  • Glow sticks
  • Bug Spray
  • sun screen
  • rain poncho
  • Water bottle (for the hike)
  • Soccer ball or Frisbee
  • No other equipment is really needed – the pack will have food and a way to cook it.  If you like to have a personal drinking cup or water bottle, feel free to bring it!
  • No electronic games/IPods/etc.  (of course parents can have phones!)
  • Feel free to bring snacks or fruit if you have a particular dietary need or nutritional standard you like to maintain. The menu will be nutritious but basic.  
  • I recommend children dress in long pants and pack t-shirt with long sleeve shirt under their pack t-shirt (Wearing pack T shirt provides insurance coverage from boy scouts AND helps IDs which children are with us – important with so many new faces!).  Layers are good.
  • Warm Fleece jacket (poly/cotton sweatshirt not good enough without additional fleece jacket – cotton KILLS in cold wet weather!).
  • Hat or hood strongly recommended, especially for sleeping.
  • Gloves or mittens optional if you know you or your kid tends to get cold.
  • Bring spare shoes and socks in case they get wet
Most kids do not bother changing their clothes overnight – may not be the rules for home, but for the campout it saves cold children and lost clothing and it is easy to pack for that! But it is recommended that you have a change of clothes available in the event of a spilled drink. Fresh, clean, dry clothes prior to sleeping is a best practice. 
Thanks to Julie Nepveu for the list

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