Pinewood Derby

           January 23, 2016


Registration Night is Friday, January 22nd (6-9 p.m.)

  • All Pack 1863 Cub Scouts receive a kit at NO cost! Just ask the Cubmaster for a kit or pick one up at the clinics. Extra kits for parents or siblings can be purchased as well  for the rough cost of the kit- $4


  • Purchase Pinewood Derby supplies (decals, weights and authorized colored wheels) from the Virginia Scout Shop, 5234 Port Royal Rd, Springfield, VA.  All wheels must be BSA approved on the packaging or your car will not be allowed to race.
  • A good source for paint, weights, and decals are the following businesses near Greenbriar:  Michaels, Fairlakes Shopping Center near Walmart, Hobby Shop, Chantilly, located in Lowes Shopping Center
  • Maximum Dimension(s) of finished cars – Consult Official Rules for specific explanations:
  • Overall Width of car:  2-3/4”
  • Minimum Width between left and right wheel:  1-3/4”
  • Minimum clearance between bottom of car & track:  3/8”
  • Maximum length including wheels:  7-1/8”
  • Maximum height:  6”
  • Wheelbase in BSA Approved Kit:  4-3/8”
  • Weight of Car w/wheels and weight:  Shall not exceed 5.0 oz.


  • Lightly file, sand, or polish axels.
  • Do use dry powdered graphite lubricants.  The pack will have plenty available the night before race day and race morning.  Warning:  Once the cars are checked in they cannot be lubed.
  • Use weights, fishing weights, money to increase the weight of your car to 5 oz.  If your car weights over 5 oz the additional weight must be removed to get it within standard or else it cannot race.
  • Carve, sculpt, and sand your car to increase performance and appearance.
  • You may drill the wheels pre-cut slots (at your own risk).
  • Position weight in your car to optimize performance.

Do Not:

  • Indent nose of car (see picture in race rules)
  • Have very pointed noses (see picture in race rules)
  • Alter the shape of the wheel axles
  • Use metal frames or metal axle supports
  • Use any lubricant but the dry powder graphite
  • Alter the shape of the wheels or wheel hubs
  • Have your car use any type of spring, wheel bearings, washers, or bushings
  • Have your car equipped with any time of power source

But most importantly- HAVE FUN!


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