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New Car Cutting Clinics

racing-main Pinewood Derby Car Cutting Clinics            Sign Up Here

Saturday December 7


Sunday December 8

Pick a 1 hour time that works.


You will need about 1-1½ hours to design your car, cut out your shape, do a little sanding and prep the axles. The race will come up quickly after the holidays, so get started soon!!!

Wreathe Orders Due TODAY!

Poinset2Wreathe orders are due today by 3 PM.

Turn your orders in to Annie Tamerjan.a_remember_01


Sign Up for aCar Cutting Clinic TODAY!

pinewood_derby_logoPinewood Derby Car Cutting Clinic TODAY!

SIGN UP HERE for the car cutting clinic Sunday, November 10th. The clinic will run from 1:30-6:30. I strongly encourage everyone to come today. We have great weather today, so beat the cold by not waiting until the December clinic!

Each scout will receive a car at no cost this year (siblings are welcome to purchase a kit and participate $4.50).

What to do at the clinic:

  • Design a car for creativity or speed…. your choice!

  • Your design will get cut out into a rough shape and roughly sanded

  • You will grind and polish your axles to improve your speed.

  • Take home your car and sandpaper to smooth it out and paint at home!

Pinewood Derby Car Cutting Clinic Weekend!


Car Cutting Clinics Saturday and Sunday.

1:30-6:00 p.m.

Expect to need at least an hour to complete the work at the clinic. At the clinics, each participant will have their car cut and learn to sand and shape their race car. You will go home with the kit and continue to sand and then paint your car. Cars can be designed for creativity or speed. Have fun with your designs!

Car Cutting Clinic Sign Up Sheet

pinewood_derby_logoUse this link to sign up for a 1 hour time slot. This will help me organize the flow of racers at my home shop. If you would like to complete your kit at home, just stop by to purchase your kits and ask any questions before your go.


Please sign up for your clinic time above. Email me if this weekend does not work for you. I will hold additional clinics, if needed, to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate. You can also view the Do’s and Don’ts of Pinewood Derby Rules along with other facts here.


Pack Meeting Thursday Night! (with Special Guest!)

IMG_4030.JPGPack Meeting


7 p.m.

Our November Pack Meeting will have a focus on a Scout is Obedient. Scouts not only follow the rules at school, at home, and in our community, they set the example! We welcome Police Officer John Daugherty as our Special Guest at our November Pack Meeting!


nullScouting for Food
                 November 9 
                 Collect and Sort Donations
                 Meet at 8:45
                 End at approx. 12:00SFF

Family Campout Map

Scouting for Food Map