About Pack 1863

Who we are: We are a family involved organization for
boys chartered by GBE’s PTA

What we do: Structured fun through meetings
and indoor/outdooractivities; a chance
to explore and discover by doing things
and going places

Where we meet: Greenbriar East Elementary School
and the local area for our meetings
and activities

When we do it: We have a pack (the entire group,
grades K-5) and a den (smaller
groups by grade) meeting then a
separate activity per month

How we do it: We have adult leaders and boy
participants all on a voluntary basis,
we pay annual dues, have fund raisers;
adults attend training and plan activities,
kids have fun

Why we do it: Parents answer – we care enough to
provide an experience that builds good
character and values that help shape
the boys into the men they are to become
Boys answer – because it’s fun!

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