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Pinewood Derby has been rescheduled for February 6-7th.

We had a very tough call to make this time.  Given the uncertainty of the weather, we have decided to cancel the Registration and Race scheduled for tonight and tomorrow morning.  FCPS has not made a decision regarding the schools being closed this weekend.  We talked with GBE staff several times today to get as much information as possible.  The track setup is very intensive.  Closing the schools would mean we would have to organize with GBE to come back in and break everything down over the weekend in time for school Monday.  We also had to consider the large amount of perishable food that would be wasted due to a late cancellation.

Our New Date for Pinewood Derby is Feb 7th.  Registration will occur during our Blue and Gold Dinner on Feb 6.
Our apologies for the inconvenience.  We know that families look forward to this event.  We will reboot everything in two weeks and run everything as usual. (hopefully)
Have a fun and safe weekend.
If any of our Volunteers have a scheduling conflict with the new dates, please let us know.

Pinewood Derby Race Info

Registration will begin tonight at 6 p.m.  We will have stations set up to adjust and test weight, lube wheels, and make minor repairs.  When you get in line to register, your child should have their car ready to race.  Once a car is registered, it is sent to the Pit.  Once there, it cannot be touched again until the Race.  Registration typically ends around 9 p.m., but volunteers will stay longer to complete the massive setup for this event.

The doors open at 9 a.m. Saturday morning for Race Day!  We will begin a late registration for anyone still needing it. The race will begin about 10:30 a.m.  We will have the Cafe open throughout the race for everyone to purchase snacks and drinks.
We are looking at another snow event this weekend.  We will have to make a late determination today as to whether the Pinewood Derby will be Cancelled.  FCPS is still making their final decision.  I will email you as soon as we can make the decision.
 Feb 7 will be our back up date.  This means Registration and setup will coincide with our Blue and Gold dinner that Friday night.  We would race Saturday morning following the same schedule.

NOTICE: No Pack Meeting tonight!

FCPS has cancelled all evening activities, so we will NOT have our January Pack Meeting tonight.