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Webelos II camp out!

Alien conspiracy theories and smores are tonight’s entertainment! IMG_3864-1.JPG

Welcome to Cub Scout Pack 1863!

We look forward to a great scouting year with your family.

Important information:

1st graders are Tiger scouts, Den 3
2nd graders are Wolf Scouts, Den 2
3rd graders are Bear Scouts, Den 7
4th graders are Webelo I Scouts, Den 6
5th graders are Webelo II Scouts, Den 5 – note this is only a 5 month program as they transition to Boy Scouts midyear

Scout Uniforms can be purchased at the Northern Virginia Scout Shop, in Springfield, VA – they are very helpful so don’t be afraid to ask questions. Note – purchase a shirt that is bigger than your scout – allowing a lot of growing room, especially if you are in 1st grade – your son will grow a lot over the next 4 years in cub scouts and you really don’t want to have to purchase a new shirt and sew new patches every year.

You will need to purchase:
Blue shirt for Tigers, Wolf or Bear
Your choice of Blue or Brown Shirt for Webelo Scout (I recommend brown as they can wear that in Boy Scouts)

World Crest
NCAC council patch
pack numbers “1863”
Den patch (see above for den number)
hat, neckerchief and slide for your rank
optional but highly suggested – Belt (to keep belt loops earned)
Webelo scouts with brown shirts – purchase the blue epaulets for the shoulders
Webelo scouts purchase colors (ask at shop for webelo colors)

You do not need to purchase shorts/pants/socks – these are completely optional and most of our scouts do not wear them.

You also do not need to purchase a book. You will receive your book from the pack when dues are paid. If you paid already and did not receive a book, please let me know as it was either an oversight last night or we ran out of the necessary book. We will have these books available for you at the next Pack meeting on 10/7.

We are still in need of another parent to be a leader for our first grade group. Please consider volunteering for this position if you have a 1st grader. We are a volunteer run organization, so please consider helping in other ways as well, we don’t need everyone to be a leader, just consider volunteering for specific opportunities. There was a volunteer form available last night and we will have them again next meeting. We can only support what we have volunteers to handle.

We also look forward to your family joining us for our Family Fall camp out on 10/18 at Pohick Bay Regional Park. Please mark your calendars as it is a great way to meet more of our scout families in a relaxed setting and the camp outs are a BLAST!

Hopefully you received the pack calendar last night at the Join Scouting Night and if you have any questions, please feel free to respond to this email, email our Scout Master, Scott Stables at or our committee chair, Sonya Montano at

Leslie Hicks
Pack 1863 Treasurer

Pack Meeting/ Join Scouting Night

This Tuesday night we will have our annual Join Scouting Night along with our Pack Meeting.  You are invited to come join us at the GBE Cafeteria at 7 p..m.  We will have an info and questions session with the parents (while your kids play some fun games!)  Learn about Cub Scouts and Pack 1863. Cub Scouts helps your son build character, explore nature and learn about his community all while having fun meeting friends that he will have all through his early education here.

Our Pack strives to give every young boy  that wants to join scouting the opportunity to participate.  To do that, we focus on the following:

  • Flexible scheduling
  • low annual dues (thanks to a few low commitment fundraisers)
  • Fun and entertaining meetings and events for the Scouts and their families
  • the participation of parent volunteers throughout the year

Let’s face it, the last thing most of us want in this area is to commit ourselves to volunteer or lead another thing in our lives.  With so many activities, sports and crazy commutes, our time is important to us.  Pack 1863 is entirely lead by parents who volunteer.  When our kids reach 5th grade, our volunteers “graduate” just like our sons do.

This is why your participation is so important.  We simply ask that you do what you can, when it works for you.  So first, I ask you to consider how important  this time is for you son in his education and development as a young man.  I have had a son make his way entirely through Pack 1863 already.  I have two current Cub Scouts and two future Cub Scouts that will join.  I know that I am in this for the long haul.  So believe me when I tell you what the former Cub Master told me, this time truly FLIES by.  Enjoy Cub Scouts with your son.  Having you lead a Den or take a volunteer role during an event is an important opportunity to model what we are teaching our children about Community and Character.

So what do we do as a Pack besides meetings?  We have many events during the school year.

  • Fall and Spring Camp Outs
  • Scouting for Food- we collect goods from our community for the area food banks
  • Our annual Pinewood Derby Race!
  • Holiday Party
  • Blue and Gold Party (annual Scout Birthday Party)
  • Landscaping project- Our way of giving back to GBE
  • Participation and summer Scout Camps

We look forward to seeing you this Tuesday, September 16th for our Join Scouting Night!

Earn your Recruiter Patch!

Did you know your Cub Scout can earn a special Recruiter Patch for helping to bring new members into the Pack?  We have many new families moving into our area, so help spread the word about scouting and earn a patch at our September Pack Meeting.  Pack 1863 will also have a table set up at the GBE Back to School Nights.  If you know parents who are interested in scouting, please have them stop by and talk with us. 

GBE Folder Stuffing

Hello Scouts and Scout Families,

GBE has asked for assistance in stuffing those fabulous First Day Packets! This opportunity is for scouts and their families.  The more people we have the quicker this gets done.
Wednesday, August 27, 2014
1:00 pm
GBE Cafeteria
Let’s show our appreciation for the use of their building to host all our den meetings and pack events.
RSVP to:
(210) 835-6114