Pinewood Derby Wheels and Weights Clinic Sunday

Hi everyone,Scouts at Work

I will have a Pinewood Derby Clinic this Sunday 1-6. The main focus will be to help get painted cars ready by adding the wheels and weights. You will need to bring your own weights to the clinic. Purchased weights, washers, fishing weights, etc. will all work fine. I will have an unofficial scale to check the weight.

If your son/ kids have NOT started a car, I have kits and can help you with that as well. The race will becoming up quickly, so please take advantage this weekend if you need it!

Please respond to this thread with a quick email if you are coming by. If Sunday will absolutely not work for you, let me know and we will work something out. I want to make sure every kid gets a chance to participate.

Sorry for the late notice, work got pretty crazy this week. I will have a clinic this Sunday, Jan. 10 from 1-6 at my house. 13002 Mill Ct

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