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Need help today with a Pinewood Derby car?


If you missed the Car Cutting Clinics in November or just have some questions, I will be available today after 2:30. Email for details.

Car Clinics this weekend- Last Chance!

 This weekend will be our last round of Pinewood Derby Car Cutting clinics. racing-mainSign up HERE! I need to know how many people are coming to plan for support.

Volunteers can now sign up on the same online sheet for kids. I am looking for 2-3 volunteers this weekend that can assist scouts at different stations. No experience necessary, but we will be very busy and we want to keep our scouts and their siblings excited and engaged! If you can volunteer some time this Saturday or Sunday afternoon, I would greatly appreciate the help.

  • Want to do the kit at home? You can stop by and pick up a kit at the clinic, ask questions and be on your way!

  • Brother or sister want to participate? Extra kits will be available (at cost- $4 each) at the clinics!

Pinewood Derby Car Cutting Clinics

pwd-logoForgot to sign up for a time? Don’t worry, there are spaces available this Sunday and next weekend.  To sign up, follow this link. The location address is on the sign up sheet.

Car Clinic Sunday

page1-1280px-PWD_Template.pdfIt looks like a fantastic weekend, so get out and enjoy it Scouts!

If you still need some help with Pinewood Derby Cars, I will available this Sunday afternoon. Just email if you would like to come over and do some work on your cars!

Pinewood Derby- Doing it on your own? Here is what you need to know.

Alright you renegade, if you are doing the Pack 1863 Pinewood Derby and your son wants to build his car at home, here are some IMPORTANT things to remember.  Follow the rules carefully to make sure your car qualifies at Registration Night. If you have any questions…ask the Cubmaster.

Pinewood Derby Car Cutting Clincs– End this Weekend!


Don’t forget to Sign Up for the LAST weekend of Car Cutting Clinics. This Saturday, Nov 14th 1:30-5:30 or Sunday, Nov 15th 1:30-5:30. (sign up for a 1 hour slot)


Scouting For Food Tomorrow! / Clinic Note

A reminder that Scouting for Food is tomorrow morning!

Meet at GBE at 8:45 a.m.

Please have your Cub Scouts sign in with the Cubmaster when they arrive and then join their dens. Be aware, there will be an Eagle Scout project work zone around the flagpole. Please help keep our Cub Scouts away from that area in the morning.

See you all there!

Car Cutting Clinic note:

My address for the clinics is on the online Clinic Sign Up sheet. Please visit our Pack website and open the link from the Clinic post this week to sign up ASAP!


Pinewood Derby Car Cutting Clinics (Nov. 7/8 and Nov. 14/15)

November 7 and 8, November 14 and 15 will be our Pinewood Derby Car Cutting Clinics. To sign up, use the link below.

Car Cutting Clinic Signup (1 hour slots)

All Pack 1863 Cub Scouts will receive their official BSA Pinewood Derby Car Kit at the clinic. Parents and siblings are welcome to join in the fun! We will have extra kits available at the clinics for the cost of the kit ($4). On our race day in January, we will have a friends and family division for everyone.



At the Clinic your child will:

  • complete the design of the car and learn how to make their car fly!
  • learn the tools we will use to make the car and how we use them safely
  • an adult will cut the rough shape of the car out
  • a place for weights will be drilled out
  • they will begin to sand their car and learn the technique and tips for a great paint job
  • they will machine their axles to improve the speed of the car

When they leave, they will take an unfinished car home to continue sanding and paint at home.

If you would rather do the work yourself at home with your child, you can stop by and pick up the kit and ask any questions.

Pack Meeting this Tuesday at 7 P.M.

We will have our October Pack Meeting this Tuesday (Oct. 6).

The theme for October is Brave– Super cubs! A Scout Is Brave—How Does “Super Cub!” Relate to This Point of the Scout Law?

Superheroes are known for facing danger even when they are afraid. A Scout, like a superhero, has the courage to stand for what he thinks is right even if others laugh at him or threaten him.

  •  We will continue Registration for the 2015- 2016 scouting year ($85 per scout). If you have not yet gotten your cub scout uniform, the Scout Store will be at our Pack Meeting! with uniforms and patches available for purchase. They were generous enough to plan to come out to our meeting this year to help parents avoid the drive out to the store in Springfield.
  • We will have sign-ups for the Fall Family Camp Out- Oct 17-18. You can pay the fee at the Pack Meeting as well ($10 per person, max $50 per family). This helps us get an advanced head count and the funds in place to purchase the food and supplies needed for the camp out. This is a fun and easy opportunity to introduce kids to camping. We have a lot of first timers out there each year. The kids have a great time and the parents get time to socialize. It is not required that you spend the night, although highly recommended! Just come out and have fun with the kids!

Pack Meeting Activities:

  • How to set up a tent for camping (with help from the Webelos)
  • The Smoke Ring Vortex Cannon! Knocking down paper cups with a ring of smoke.

Print a template for your child to practice his/ her design before the clinic.