Pinewood Derby Car Cutting Clinics (Nov. 7/8 and Nov. 14/15)

November 7 and 8, November 14 and 15 will be our Pinewood Derby Car Cutting Clinics. To sign up, use the link below.

Car Cutting Clinic Signup (1 hour slots)

All Pack 1863 Cub Scouts will receive their official BSA Pinewood Derby Car Kit at the clinic. Parents and siblings are welcome to join in the fun! We will have extra kits available at the clinics for the cost of the kit ($4). On our race day in January, we will have a friends and family division for everyone.



At the Clinic your child will:

  • complete the design of the car and learn how to make their car fly!
  • learn the tools we will use to make the car and how we use them safely
  • an adult will cut the rough shape of the car out
  • a place for weights will be drilled out
  • they will begin to sand their car and learn the technique and tips for a great paint job
  • they will machine their axles to improve the speed of the car

When they leave, they will take an unfinished car home to continue sanding and paint at home.

If you would rather do the work yourself at home with your child, you can stop by and pick up the kit and ask any questions.

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