Pack Leadership needed

As we get ready to kick off the 2015- 2016 year for Pack 1863, we need to fill some vacancies in our Pack Leadership.

We need a Tiger Leader and Assistant Leader to lead our excited new Den of young First Graders this year.

We need a Wolf Leader and Assistant Leader to take over the leadership since Thomas and his family moved over the summer.

Whether you have experience as a Scout or not, it makes no difference. The programs are organised by BSA in such a way that any adult can quickly become a competent leader and valuable member of the Pack. Look at it this way, it is time you will get to set aside each month to spend some time doing fun hands on activities with your son and the friends he will have for a big part of his childhood. Middle School comes too quickly and its a big place. These are the years the boys will really remember spending time with their friends from scouts. Classes change, sports teams change, but their Den is a unique place where they will get to be with a core group of friends from now until late in their Fifth Grade year. It’s really a lot of fun watching them grow up together and having an assistant helps to fill the gaps when you have to be away for work.

If you would like to be a Leader or Assistant Leader for any of the Dens this year, please see Sonya or Scott.

Thanks and we are excited to get started with a new year!


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