JSN Tuesday @7 pm

This Tuesday at 7 p.m. we will have our Join Scouting Night. We will have a ceremony to hand out awards for the boys’ summer camp achievements. Afterwards, the kids will go down to the gym with some of the leaders and parents to play some games together. The rest of the parents will remain in the cafeteria to get info about the Pack and our upcoming scouting year. We will go over a few things that are coming up soon, such as the Fall Family Camp Out and Scouting for Food and answer any questions. There will be tables set up in the back for Registration and for the Cub Closet in case you need to look for any uniform pieces.

If you are a veteran with the Pack, come celebrate the awards with the boys and register before you go. We will have our first “normal” Pack Meting October 6th.

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