Pinewood Derby- RESCHEDULE (again)

pinewood_derby_logoWe don’t know if the school will be open this Friday and Saturday. Since the parking lot had not yet been plowed and there is really no where for anyone to park, we decided at the Committee meeting last night that it would be best to reschedule the Pinewood Derby. This is a big and exciting event and too many obstacle to overcome to get everything setup and running smoothly in a last minute scramble with the weather.

There are back-to-back 3 day weekends coming up. We know many of you like to take advantage of these opportunities with your families. So we decided to hold the Pinewood Derby the weekend of our Blue and Gold Dinner. (Feb 19 & 20). Set up and Registration will coincide with the B&G Dinner that Friday Night. The Race will be at the usual time Saturday morning. We will post a detailed schedule of all the event and times for that weekend. In the meantime, keep finishing those cars! If your kids have already finished their cars, I RECOMMEND putting them away out of sight where they won’t get played with before the race!

Sorry for the inconvenience, but this is pretty typical for our January and February events. We are supposed to get an unusual warm trend at the beginning of February, so enjoy your long weekends!

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